Easy Ways To Slash Calories

The immediate effect of cutting calories from here and there won’t instantly show-up on the scale, but consistent changes will. Cutting a lot of calories instantly from diet will make you feel lethargic and dizzy all day long, and it is not a good way of losing weight fast either. In order to lose weight fast, you need to start with cutting at least 500 calories from your regular diet. You won’t even know you’re eating less, and you won’t feel hungry. You won’t even realize that you are eating less, and you won’t feel hungry.

Below mentioned are effortless ways of cutting calories throughout your day—without feeling them at all:

Drink plain tea or coffee

By drinking black tea or coffee, you cut 69 calories. Avoid adding cream, sugar and other extras in your beverages, and observe the change. People who have habit of drinking tea or coffee more than two times a day should strictly drink them black. You can still kick start your day with plain tea or coffee.

Get more fiber at breakfast

By opting high-fiber breakfasts, you can feel fuller and eat lesser. Such breakfast will curb your hunger till lunch, and you will consume 31% lesser calories at lunch as well. Instead of packed food, try eating cereals in lunch.

Eat protein throughout the day

If you eat high protein foods in meals, you can save yourself from mid-afternoon hunger. You can obtain sufficient amount of protein from nuts, lean meat, soy, dairy products and seeds. This will even help you in suppressing sweet lure.

Watch your salad toppings

By including a lot of veggies in your meal, you automatically cut a lot of calories. Eat variety of salads, but watch your salad toppings.

Do more cooking at home

Instead of, ordering food from outside, try cooking more food at home. When you cook your own food, you keep calorie count under check. Homemade food is the best when you are following low calorie diet.

Cut back on cooking oil

A tablespoon of cooking oil contains about 120 calories. It is possible to prepare tasty meals in lesser oil.

Do this during your workday to burn more calories and fat

Sitting all day long is not good for health at all. This is the reason why people with sitting jobs often complain about bulging belly, fat butts and inappropriate posture. Many weight loss doctors recommend people to pay attention over their sitting time while they are working. It is important to stand-up within regular intervals for health boost. When you stood-up frequently during 8 hours of period, you burn more fat and calories. Since each stand to sit and sit to stand transition demands energy expenditure and muscle activation, you can burn extra calories.

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No Junky Snacks: Instead of depending on vending machine, eat homemade snacks. You can decrease your calorie consumption by replacing your sugary snacks with healthy ones.  Rely on protein-packed, fiber-filled snacks that will help in keeping you satisfied on fairly few calories. Eat fruits, nuts and sprouts in your snacks break.

Drink Infused water: It is important to keep yourself hydrated. By sipping infused water throughout the day, you can flatten your belly. Consider purchasing an infuser water bottle for your office desk, so that you can infuse the extract of fruits and herbs in water.

Stand Instead of Sit: Standing improves energy level, tones muscles, burns extra calories, increases blood flow, improves posture and ramps up metabolism. You can set a timer to stand-up from your chair.

Take Breaks: Sitting continuously 8 hours is not good for health at all. It is important to take at least 2 to 3 breaks. You can go down-stairs to get some fresh air. A bit of amplified heart rate will boost blood flow and oxygen intake. This will not only refresh your mind, but will benefit to your lungs, muscles and heart if done frequently and consistently.

Morning and Evening workout: You can kick start your day with jogging, swimming, cycling etc. These workouts for weight loss will refresh your heart and soul. You will feel energetic throughout the day. Similarly, you can spare 1 hour after office to visit gym.

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