Difference Between DUI And DWI

If you are arrested for drunken driving case, you can be charged with DUI or DWI. There is a difference between the two. If your BAC (blood alcohol content) after taking a breath test comes .08, you will be arrested for DUI i.e. driving under influence and if it comes .07 then you will get arrested for DWI i.e. driving while impaired.

Maryland DUI and DWI

A DUI can result in more sever sentence and fines. The results of your first DUI comprise up to one year of imprisonments, and fine up to $1,000. Imprisonment and fine gets increased in case you have a child sitting with you in the vehicle. But in case of DWI, you can get a jail time of two months and a fine of up to $500. Again if you are accompanied by a minor in your vehicle jail time can increase up to six months. Your driver’s license can also get suspended for minimum six months in both the cases. Hire a good attorney to stand by you for proceedings.

DUI charges

In case of your second DUI, you can get a sentence for up to two years in prison, and fine up to $2,000. If you are found with a minor in your vehicle at the time of DUI, you can be fined up to $3000 and prison time of up to 3 years. If the time gap between the first and second offense is less than 5 years then your license can be suspended for up to one year. But for your second time DWI, you can be bound to pay fine of up to $500 and prison time up to one year. In case of driving with a child or minor in the vehicle your fine can be increased up to $2000. Ask for your professional attorney to avoid misunderstandings.

Other laws related to drinking and driving comprise a zero tolerance for drunken drivers, who are less than 21 years of age. Even if your BAC is .02, but you are under 21, your license can be suspended or revoked according to the laws.

Driving under the influence or DUI is as its commonly known in the legal parlance is the act of driving your car while your blood alcohol levels are higher than the limits set by the state.

Consequences of DUI

The consequences of DUI range in severity. They begin with a simple ticket that you can pay at the courthouse the next day. If you are a repeat offender the consequences get severe. You might get points on your license or lose the privilege of driving itself. More serious offenses can also result in jail time.

In the case of road accidents, it is important to remember that if you are under the influence of alcohol, even under the limit, this can cause the charges to be bumped up automatically to a felony, the most serious class of offenses. When you are arrested for DUI the first thing that you should do is contact your DUI lawyer. To avoid implicating yourself, it’s recommended that you don’t give a police statement without your lawyer being present.

How to avoid DUI

To avoid being in trouble you should avoid driving under the influence. It’s recommended that you take a maximum of two beers or two glasses of wine if you are planning on driving. When drinking remember that the impact of alcohol depends on your body weight. So be careful to regulate your alcohol intake according to your weight.

It is also important to remember that coffee and mint do not remove alcohol from your bloodstream. There are some drivers that believe in the myth which is wrong. If you want to drive after drinking you should never drink past the recommended amount. Avoiding DUI’s is also a matter of public responsibility. If a friend or even a stranger is starting to drive while drunk, it’s your responsibility to stop him/her. This not only prevents legal charges but also saves lives.

If you are going to have a drink and you drink past the recommended amount, you should have a designated driver. This is a sober person who will drive and take you home.


This is what you need to know about DUI. Sometimes you can find yourself on the wrong side of law even if you hadn’t drunk past the recommended level. This is common when the testing gadgets are faulty. You should contact your criminal defense lawyer immediately so that he/she can tell you the action that you should take.

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